It is no understatement to say Save A Vet Now has been set back by the Coronavirus Pandemic. We have been forced to reinvent the ways we raise awareness and donations in the face of a significant health and economic crisis. Once the pandemic is in our rear view mirror we will continue our normal fundraising efforts. In the meantime we will conduct an event only if safety precautions can be observed.

We will meet with local businesses and organizations as we continue to seek donations for the Veterans Outreach Program with an eye on our first annual Step Up For Vets in September and our second Artwork Can Save A Vet fundraiser in November.


It is our goal to have secured by year end a local financial sponsor who is willing to join us in the fight against veteran suicide.

We are also working with the American Legion district for Cape Fear to increase their support of veterans by specifically addressing the veteran suicide crisis. We hope they will join us in this fight by raising awareness of what is silently taking place in our communities and by conducting independent fundraisers for our Veterans Outreach Program at Coastal Horizons.

Our Plans For 2020...

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Number — 1-800-273-8255 


Mailing Address

   Save A Vet Now, P.O. Box 265

               Hampstead, North Carolina 28443