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Our Plans For 2023

During 2023 we will focus on two main areas of concentration; engaging other organizations in the awareness of the veteran suicide crisis and in preventative measures they can take, and addressing the needs of veterans in making the transition to civilian life.


We will take advantage of every opportunity to improve our community understanding of the veteran suicide crisis by speaking to organizations and at local veteran related events. When engaging veteran related organizations, we will present a suggested program that will create a new tribe for separating veterans as well as a “buddy” system to help with their transition to civilian life.

Save A Vet Now and Detachment 1321 of the Marine Corps League will conduct a project intended to consolidate and coordinate the efforts of other local organizations to create a program that connects with newly separated veterans, assigns a buddy or mentor to assist with their transition to civilian life, and marshals the resources needed to support that veteran.  

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