Our Plans For 2022

We expect that COVID protocols will abate in 2022 and we will return to some level of normalcy in late spring or early summer.


We will continue to take advantage of every opportunity to address church groups, businesses, organizations, and clubs to raise awareness of the veteran suicide crisis and their support for organizations helping troubled veterans.


We will assist the Brunswick Arts Council, Arts Council of Wilmington, Cameron Art Museum, and Art Exposure to expand our Veterans Visual Arts Program. By year end we expect to have conducted workshops for veterans and their spouses in Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender Counties. We hope to have the first workshops in place by early spring.


We expect to have developed and distributed a “Don’t Go It Alone” public service announcement by the end of summer. We will partner with River Breeze Productions on this project.


Our annual Step Up For Vets fundraiser at Eclipse Artisan Boutique and Blue Moon Gift Shops will be held throughout the month of September.


Our annual Artwork Can Save A Vet fundraiser will be held on November 12, 2022 at the Hannah Block USO Center in Wilmington. This fundraiser will feature contributions from local artists and will spotlight the artwork of local veterans.

Win Original Artwork from A.M. Vivaldi Watercolors In Our September Raffle.