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How Can I Help...

If you wish to be an unpaid volunteer please contact us. There is a continuing need for ambassadors who can raise awareness of the veteran suicide crisis, the stigma attached to mental health, it's impact on veterans, and the positive steps that can be taken in our communities .  If you are interested please contact us at


Your business can be an integral part of our veteran suicide prevention efforts. By providing annual financial support for our SAVN Veterans Outreach Program, you address today’s single most important veteran issue …. veteran suicide. By sponsoring the Save A Vet Now Veterans Outreach Program you become an integral part of improving our veterans’ mental health wellness and maybe saving a life or two along the way. One hundred percent of your annual contribution goes to the Program and is used exclusively for the treatment of our veterans and their spouses.


We will address your organization to better explain the plight of certain veterans, what the Veterans Outreach Program does for them, and what your support dollars will provide.


If you are interested in hearing from us or would like to be a sponsor, please contact us at: 


Donate online by clicking the DONATE  button on the main menu or:

Mail a check to:

Save A Vet Now

P.O. Box 265

Hampstead NC 28443

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